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spacer " Ole delivers the goods. He is engaging, refreshingly irreverent and tuned into the challenges of small business. You can appreciate why he was named the 2006 Impact Speaker of the Year by the world's largest CEO membership organization – Vistage."

spacer Kurt Chilcott,
CDC Small Business Finance

Beneath the Armor
Beneath the Armor
Making Meetings Matter
Making Meetings Matter
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What others say about Ole Carlson and the influence that he has.
As a Speaker. . .

"Ole Carlson is one of the passionate individuals on the planet about the integrity of leaders. Ole can lead, coach and guide leaders to a higher level of effectiveness and, maybe more importantly, a higher level of understanding."
Jim Canfield, President and COO
Renaissance Executive Forums

"I've been using Ole since 1990 to talk to our CEO Members. He has provided great insight on how to build high performing companies that yield better returns for the share holders and a more rewarding place for the employees to work. We recently hired Ole to do the keynote at our Orlando Conference and the feedback was spectacular."
Chip Webster, President
Leadership Centers USA - TEC Florida
Chief Executives Working Together

"Ole's energy from the keynote affects the rest of the event, refocusing attendees' attention on themselves as a person as well as a professional, making them better leaders. Ole's positive personal examples made his strategies real to all who attended."
Mary Ann Passi, CAE
Executive Director
Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ole Carlson for over 15 years and have tremendous admiration for his skill and authenticity as a speaker. He is a powerful and compelling presenter and a consummate story teller, able to inspire the audience and move them to action. As a professional, he is committed to my success, carefully listening to my needs and crafting his message to serve my members. The audiences at Tiger 21 are peer to peer learning groups for high net worth investors who expect and get the very best. Ole knows what we need and can deliver. I am delighted to give him my highest recommendation."
Lew Haskell, Managing Director
Tiger 21- Peer-to-Peer Learning for High Net Worth Individuals

"We hired Ole to help us grow as professionals and as human beings, and he delivered tremendous value to our organization. For our CEO members, he first delivered a small, highly focused presentation, where he designed a clear an effective model to improve strategic thinking, catering his material to the specific needs and challenges of our society. He also delivered a keynote presentation to a much bigger audience on personal growth and goal setting, that received a standing ovation and our highest evaluation scores. And last but not least, he also trained our chairs to help them be more effective at their job. Ole is inspirational and a role model for us. We are deeply grateful to him and to Sue Ann for their time invested in coming all the way down to Argentina and look forward to having additional opportunities to learn and grow from him."
Alejo Canton, Presidente
Vistage Argentina

"If you truly want to jump start your meeting with a motivational speaker who delivers, Ole would be my my choice...He delivers...When he finished we were primed and ready to work."
John R. Bailey Jr., President/CEO
Volunteers of America Bay Area

As a Consultant and Facilitator. . .

"Thank you...
...for sharing your incredible expertise and mastery of the craft with a group of continuous learners today;
...for reminding me that the journey is never finished...that I still have a long way to go to even approach your level of mastery;
...for validating my newly developed mantra – I am Current, Connected, Involved, Relevant;
...for being a tremendous influence in my life – personally and professionally."
Ben Griffin

"Ole came into my company as an advisor. Knowing the realities of leading a business, he left behind a greatly improved leadership system. As a CEO, I have carried his lessons to growing other enterprises. Read his book. Pay attention to what he says. It works. It really works!"
Bob Hall, former CEO of Salomon Skis, Vuarnet Sunglasses,
Ride Snowboards, and currently CEO of Panoptx, Inc.

"Over the years our company has worked with several different Strategic Planning consultants and facilitators. We are staying with Ole Carlson because:
   ·he personally connects with each member of our team
    to foster commitment to our goals
   ·he organizes the structure and the facilities for effectiveness
   ·he infiltrates training in strategic planning for our newer team members
   ·he meets with us between formal sessions to tune us
   ·he allows each member of the team to participate, to be heard
    and receive constructive feedback
   ·he challenges our team to think strategically and avoid "group think"
   ·he creates appropriate group pressure and accountability    for implementation
We are having him back again!"
Catherine Final, Chief Financial Officer
J. R. Filanc Construction Company, Inc.

On Aspire. . .

"We all have potential beyond our comprehension. At times, we just don't realize it until someone else points it out for us. With strength, presence, authenticity and heart, Ole Carlson unlocks the door of understanding on how to accomplish, create and magnify our abilities to reach our full potential as human beings. Ole's Aspire presentation and book Aspire: 3 Powerful Strategies for Creating More of What You Want, Now is a must. I highly recommend him and his incredible work!"
Ray Damiano, Vistage International Chair
Former CEO

"I thought it would be difficult for Ole Carlson to surpass Beneath the Armor. However, Ole does it gracefully and effortlessly. Aspire gives practical approaches to real challenges that leaders in an expanding global economy face, while reminding all of us again to remember the most important people who often stand by us (no questions asked), our family. It is about keeping things in perspective, while moving toward our goals and success. The presentation was 'superb'. The material 'A Must Know'. I look forward to reading the book and looking at it often as I do with 'Beneath the Armor'."
Marjaneh Hedayat, M.D., President
Solaris Laser Institute

On Beneath the Armor. . .

"As a founder of a business I have sought advice along the way. Let me tell you, this book (Beneath the Armor) has the wisdom of a business bookshelf, in a fabulous, readable package."
Paul Shipman, President and Founder of Red Hook Ale Brewery

"Since your business success is up to you, you had better figure out what to do - now! There is no better place to start than with Beneath the Armor."

B. Joseph Pine II, Co-author, The Experience Economy

On Making Meetings Matter. . .

"Ole Carlson blows the lid off conventional thinking about meetings. Ole takes you well beyond technique to an amazing place where meetings become unforgettable experiences capable of producing lasting and significant results. These are the kind of meetings every CEO should have. If you want to create meetings where ideas thrive, decisions soar and commitments are kept, you will be awed by the powerful work of Ole Carlson."
Dan Barnett, Former COO
Vistage International - The World’s Largest CEO Membership Organization

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